Thursday, January 3, 2013

Misión Cumplida!

GOOOOOOAAALL!!!! You have probably already heard that I surpassed the $20k goal and am confirmed to travel to India in February. I'm shocked, excited, terrified, and psyched all at the same time.

I will never be able to sufficiently express my gratitude to everyone who helped me achieve success with the Global Seva Challenge 2012: INDIA. I am beyond grateful. I learned so much, and reminded myself of so much...

1. Nothing is impossible.
2. Put yourself out there with enthusiasm and passion, and don't apologize for your exuberance.
3. People are more generous than you think and they really want to help.
4. Slow down, calm down, and keep WILL get there.
5. Be kind to yourself, in thought and action. Speak to yourself as you would to your child or best friend, with unconditional love and compassion.

Thank you for donating, for showing up, for helping promote/set up/prepare, for supporting me, and for your kind and encouraging know who you are :)

I promise to share my experiences in India this February. All love

PS: I am still raising funds so that I can bring first aid, school, and art supplies with me--all needed by the organizations we are supporting. If you would like to purchase a shirt or wristband, contact me or order on the PayPal cart here on the top left of this blog. I have white tanks in M (2); black long sleeve tees in M (3) and L (4); and black mens tees L (3), XL (2), XXL (2), $25 each. And awesome Global Project India wristbands in every color under the sun, $10 each. Thank you! 

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Suchi said...

oh my God, I love this post...just waiting to read about your experience in India